Manifest ot the 2ism



2ism manifest



2-ism is a concept, invented by MA2F, that places man/woman in the centre of the Universe. Only 2 (man/woman) may have the inner freedom which enables them to print the space they borrow one another. Only this inner double revolution can give birth to a true state of creation opening up 2 the outside, opening up 2 others, opening up 2 new frontiers, opening the frame in 2: create oneself as a universal artisic work.  

2-ism considers there is no God and only the 2-ist vision – feminine/masculine – enables to see the world as it is.

2-ism is an approach which  embraces masculine and feminine, full and void, visible and non-visible, good and evil…

Humanity ‘s greatest despair is to consider only what can be seen, masculine, full, visible, good … without any doing effort, or having any thought to consider that one thing cannot exist without the other…