Manifest ot the 2isme



2ism manifest



What is 2isme ? After the first opus “COLOUR IS MISERY IN PAINTING” MA2F publishes a new essay « 2isme ” – a 92 pages manifesto which inspired MA2F’s latest pictorial works.
This manifesto introduces an innovative concept that places the 2, an irreducible prime principle, at the centre of the universe. 2isme sees the unicity of 2. The reader will discover herein the artistic and spiritual quest of the plastic artist.

2isme was born out of a mutation in the artist’s mind. It extends the critical reflection initiated in Colour is Misery in Painting where we could observe that paint is just the surface, the clothing of Painting.
After the reflection about colour appears this succeeding new notion designated under the word Value, in the 2ist sense, referring to the electromagnetic waves as a whole which compose all light intensities.

2isme seeks in waves to capture the instant, though we know it cannot be seize to be imprisoned. Reluctant to any appropriation, instant flies like water flows from a clepsydra, it cannot be hoarded.
Only 2 allows you to imprint your territory. And it is only through a complete self-awareness, through an internal revolution, that a true creative state of mind can arise opening up 2 others, 2 the outside, 2 new boundaries, 2 get out of our frame : the creation of yourself as a universal artistic work.
2isme gives at once a central position to the fusion of male and female, of what is displayed and non-displayed, whereas an analytic mind splits the 2 unicity in two parts.
2isme offers a new vision of our relationships to the world, to our environment. It doesn’t refer to any existing philosophy, any intellectual current, or any religion even if Man is seen as religious, as we can define a seeker for meaning in his life.
This new thinking should meet with today’s debates on the political organisation of our modern societies.