Erotic trilogy of the Collioure bell tower ©

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The Collioure Bell-tower is the only one in the world with its feet resting in the water; but it has one other feature that is even more unique, in that it is known as being the phallic bell tower.


Théorie érotique du clocher de Collioure

While wandering through the familiar nature that surrounds Collioure, the true reality of this local treasured symbol, so deeply rooted in the towns collective imagination, appeared to MA2F for the first time.

This is a point of view that must be created one mind, a reconstruction of reality, a three-dimensional process. A transposition of the landscape based on two juxtaposed images, identical but in reality, slightly different because one was conceived for the right eye and the other for the left eye. The brain will merge the individual intake of each eye, superimposing the one onto the other, creating a new image, recomposed, imaginary but none-the-less quite alive.


Théorie érotique du clocher de CollioureA partir de cette idée,  MARC-ANDRÉ 2 FIGUERES From the hilltop overlooking the sea, near the Fort Saint-Elme, the view of the bell-tower can transform its nature from male to female. The harbour at the base of bell-tower receives this symbol of masculinity and thus also takes on a new sexual dimension. Lined with jagged rocks from the foot of the mountains, the harbour becomes a receptacle, a womb, a schematic vision of the female anatomy.
Thus the bell-tower becomes the most erotic of monuments. Yes, the regions most celebrated phallic symbol is hermaphroditic. But this is of course, all a question of point of view !

MARC-ANDRE 2 FIGUERES has elaborated this idea into the Erotic Theory of the Collioure Bell Tower, articulated through 23 canvases and drawings as well as the publication of the theory.
It is a theory that is supported by two ancient documents: a topographic view of Collioure and an anatomical drawing by Leonardo da Vinci of a longitudinal section of a pregnant woman, inspired by his studies on the human body. A comparison will be made by the set of anatomical associations of the various parts of the port, observed from two points of view, close up and far away.








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Théorie érotique du clocher de CollioureThéorie érotique du clocher de Collioure


Point 2 vue autour du clocher de Collioure
Point 2 vue autour du clocher de Collioure