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The point of view of points of view…



Frameworks-windows in Collioure

Point 2 vue portableHenri Matisse painted in treating Collioure of the tables of the topic of “the opened window”, metaphor of the interior world of the artist, his imaginary, of its creation, opened however unbounded in the external world whose man takes part.

2005, MA2F installs in Collioure 12 frameworks which mean for him contemporary windows as many. Conceived first of all like plastic gestures, it transports its achievements out of the workshop in order to imply them in the life of this prestigious village, not for a decorative effect but like corporate and political measure. This essential motivation will allow original interactions between various elements, the village and its bell-tower, the artist who is inspired some and the imaginary one of the public. With complete freedom.
The step of the steps.

The executives offered to the walkers are true works of art. They are well sculpture-objects, treated in sculpture in the round, since it is possible with each one to make the turn of it, to touch them. Act prohibited in a museum, where works posed or hung acquire an almost crowned value.
Each framework presents harmonious proportions thoroughly studied. Steps, piétements, curved bars are the result of an ergonomic art, near to the physiology of the staircase. Their black color allows their obliteration in the landscape, leaving all its importance to the framework which surmounts them.
Three steps for all, therefore for each one, without distinction. The steps symbolize the idea of progression, born from the desire to have to answer the question first, which T it will occur, having finally reached this enigmatic framework? Which surprise awaits us after this rise symbolic system towards the unknown of in top?
The framework is finally reached. Proposed in a traditional, right-angled form of gilded color, slightly aged, it is not other than the symbol of Painting, homage paid by an artist of XXIe century to all the history of art. Plastically, the Or color of a framework does not harm the various colors employed on a table, since it does not modify the effects of tone of them. It also has, in itself, a solar character like a recall of all the intense lights of these places.


Generally the function of the framework is to protect from the painted fabrics with two dimensions where the subject of painting is definitively fixed. In Collioure, the purpose of the function of the executives is to leave with each one the possibility of delimiting according to its choice visible space.
To tally a subject, it is initially a free act of the artist to perceive it under certain angles. MA2F installed its frameworks in various halts with like starting point a precise motivation, to see the bell-tower under various aspects. The executives of Collioure replace the subjective eye in as many items 2 sight. Initially, it is well the vision of the bell-tower, definite like phallic and registers harmoniously in the architecture, which is essential in principal object of the glance. One is in a particular creation, that which brings into play the relation masculine-female, topic privileged by the artist in all his achievements. If the sites chosen by MA2F correspond to its desire of creator, it offers to each one freedom to carry out its own framings. The public is then invited to create its personal museum, out of the constraints met in the traditional museums. It is well the freedom of the vision of which it will be question.


The plenitude of the vacuum

The walkers pass in front of the executives, intrigued by this apparent absence of the contents which they usually expect. Some carry on their way, others stop. Begin the transformation then. The vacuum in itself does not exist. It takes its form and its direction only by that which one wants to surround it well. The executives, like nature, detest the vacuum. The spectator creates his own table by filling up it with his liking, the initial transparency disappears and it enjoys the capacity to transform it into quantity of images. The glance and even the body move according to the visions which one discovers little by little, often by chance. Pleasure born of the permanent discovery, the innovation of these images and the capacity to being the author of the passage of the vacuum to full. This interaction landscape-tally-individual gives to this one a new significance…

The passer by-frontier runner

A landscape, that it is natural or urban, exists only by the glance of that which perceives it. The passer by which took freedom to assemble the steps becomes the Master of a play between the vacuum and the full one, the framework and the bell-tower, the village and, by extension, nature surrounding this last. It is transformed into frontier runner of a detail chosen in the whole of the total space which is proposed to him, element to which it gives a particular importance. Each one can thus decide what will seem to him carrier of beauty, the sea or the boat alone, the beach or the church, or quite simply the empty sky, inhabited by the only intensity of its color, symbol of infinite possible.
The concrete space of the landscape was geared down in as many personal representations. The regardeurs follow one another in front of the same framework and however no image will be similar to the preceding one or the following one. This effect of the different visions gives all its direction to the initial theory of MA2F, if the framework is universal, the point of view is personal.


If it decides it, the regardor can also settle in the immobility in front of a framework, without obligation to visualize anything. He gives up himself with the only vision of the run in real time of the transformation of the landscapes. The glance will become the place of all the retinal feelings offered by all mobilities invading the executives become vidéastes. The emotion is born from the perpetual motion of various the atmosphêres. The clouds, the sea and its waves, the boats which go and come, the walkers, become the subjects of a silent film without beginning nor end.


Focusing within the framework of a precise image, of a detail of the landscape, gears down the speed of the space time. For example, if one looks at the sky normally, as a whole, the time of passage of the clouds appears usual, but seen through a framework, a precise cloud will appear and disappear at a multiplied by ten speed, from mÍme, just seen, the boat disappeared.
We can also discover how the bell-tower and the church revÍtent different appearances at various times. Quickly, to stick to all that moves and to seize some the immediacy and of these rapids aimed éphémêres, it will remain traces in the memory.
It is about an effect contemporary Impressionism, thanks to which it eye, and only, replaces the brush to him. But then…

Are items 2 sight illusions ?

Since indeed, the same object, seen out of the framework or through the framework, observed by various passers by, will never represent the same image. What is looked at loses its objective direction, transformed by the capacity that the artist offered to the spectator to modify reality in as many personal truths.
What is seen exists, which exists is real, each one sees something, therefore all is true. Illusions is born the truth, it is the individual right to believe in what one sees. Nature is used by the artist like pretexts with the play and the free individual to take part or not in these ludic acts.

The glance me

Like new invention of the passer by, to dare to pass derriêre the framework, to fill up the vacuum of him-mÍme, to put in scêne its own body, to imply it inside the framework and without being a painter, knowing the joy of car-portraiturer. Positive narcissism since each one finds its freedom without obstructing there that of the other. To know the joy of being photographed “framed”. To carry with oneself work in oneself, the last table, that made possible thanks to the artist who offers the framework and to the individual who fills up it of his image. To know the feeling to believe itself for one moment become at the same time an artist and his clean modêle. The direction of the framework changed hands, the appropriation is with its roof. It became tally-photo. The visitor leaves the village with this concrete memory: its own creation associated with that with the artist. The corporate measure initiated by the artist is exceeded and reached his complête effectiveness by the diversion of the first direction of the framework, to collect the bell-tower, with the profit of the collecting of oneself by the photographic medium.

Loading for Collioure

Would Collioure have become the news Cythêre, the Greek island dedicated to Aphrodite, place of the pleasures in love? On table Loading for Cythêre, Watteau, in 1717, described couples of lovers, to on the way live freely an erotism whose artists of the XVIIIe siêcle were fond of delicacies. In Collioure, the advance determined by the executives of MA2F, offers the possibility of an initiatory course of the love, the village being substituted for the mythical island.

12 items 2 sight make it possible the male bell-tower to take possession of the female vacuum, but contrary, this female vacuum can seize phallic object… We would then play † the gallant fÍtes of XXIe, each individual using the executives and the bell-tower like media of its phantasms, temporary, fugitive and delectable feelings, without which the life would not have the attracted mÍme. The progression of the desires is ensured by the graduation of the course, in Collioure become new sanctuary of Aphrodite. Is happiness thus possible? Perhaps, if we let ourselves guide by…

The headlight-bell-tower

During its construction it was only headlight, guide enracined in the ground-mother. This profane headlight will bring back for us towards another itself, metamorphosed in crowned bell-tower. The 2 became 1. Single object with double significance, which we will discover. Since our course finishes and that the desire of a glorious end was specified little by little, thus let we guide by the headlight towards this ultimate research…

The secrecy of the Bell-tower

To discover it, let us call upon the graces of an effective intercessor, the Min god, transformation of Osiris by the imaginary one of the former Egyptians, during the evolution of their myths. It was represented on its temples, equipped with a phallus in unusual erection, which was worth its épithête of Min to him ithyphallic. This god was honoured during certain ritual with rebirth. Each year at the time of the harvests, the Egyptians offered their incantations to Min, of which they waited in return, not only the insurance of good harvests, but especially the permanence of their sexual strength.
The bell-tower of Collioure, New Min by its form mÍme, will lend itself to a rite. Guided by the memory of the old headlight, we will return annually towards this contemporary idol, to touch it with hope… But in a condition †: that to believe closely in its capacities of rejuvenation, found strength, résur-erection of the desire.
To have done itself of it the experiment (it appears…) it is the secrecy which MA2F delivers to us.