The secrets of the bell-tower

Bell tower secret


To discover its secrets, we have to ask the help of the God Min, a transfiguration of Osiris in the Imagination of the ancient Egyptians through the evolution of their myths. He was represented on his temples with an unusual erected phallus, which originated his epithet as Min Ithyphallic. This god was honored during rituals of rebirth. Each year, during harvest time, the Egyptians offered Min their incantations and expected in return the insurance of good crops, but also the permanence of their sexual vigor.

Collioure’s bell-tower, a new Min because of its shape, can be the object of rituals. Guided by the memory of the former lighthouse, we will come back to this contemporary idol every year, and touch it hopefully… But on condition that we would intimately feel convinced of its regeneration powers, of the renewed vigor, of the resur–erection of desire.

Having himself experienced the powers of the bell-tower, this is whatMARC-ANDRÉ 2 FIGUERES revealed…