Flying Gender Funnel Ma2f Self-portrait project…


… The last creation of the artist depicts the true nature of GENDER. Combining masculine et le feminine aspects, the inside and the outside of individuals is shown, with its convexities and concavities…
A viewer (here MA2F* himself) is placed in the manner of VELASQEZ’s Ménines, out of the visible field, in front of a moving funnel that swirls in the open-space (symbolic of society). The 3D funnel reflects the invisible viewer and reveals him/her in any possible way. The viewer watches himself depicted as feminine and masculine, gathering in this view the globality of his/her GENDER.

During the exhibition, the 3D FLyING GENDER FUNNEL is connected to a camera that qui includes the viewer’s face in the (Gender) mirror of the funnel…



Virtuel funnel




VIDEO >> 3D flying funnel / Ma2f

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