Marc-André and the funnel


‘Je collectionne les entonnoirs comme antidote à la folie’


Funnel Collection


Discovering hermaphrodism through a wine funnel exacerbated for  MARC-ANDRÉ 2 FIGUERES the desire to find other forms of this monophormism.
If there isn’t obviously any ideal funnel, this quest has become at least for the artist a creative process, complementary to his plastic works. The excitement of a new discovery has given birth to an accumulation of these objects which became magical and his renewed amazement in front of their universal polymorphism.
At random, daily life allows new discoveries. The funnels collected are not only the one used for wine, but for any liquid material for which the forms created by human imagination for practical use has no limits. The original principle of “passage” finds a realization through the universal ethnography of “ready-made”.

The collection of MA2F, still in progress, might become one day a Funnels Museum.



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