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Nothing is born or perishes, but already existing things are combined … (ANAXAGORE), or who thought to be able to destroy these STONES without imagining that they would immediately recombine ?
Marc-André 2 Figueres, rebuilds this SCULPTURE gregarious around the bisexual figure of the funnel.
He proposes it in a three-dimensionality that does not erase its volume and its depth, it imposes its duality by the difference of its postures, real humanized subject of the visual artist. The funnel lends itself to celebrating the ancestral know-how of the peasants erecting the walls of the vineyards, an homage to the artist’s origins. 
Once the adaptation is made, it is an original figure that imposes itself on us and dictates us to restore its unity, as a contemporary vision of the myth of Plato: it is up to us to re-seal the halves and for that, d to find the demarcation elsewhere than in the masculine / feminine sexuation, where the human rises his chromatic scales on the grand piano of the identity and invents unique variations, known only to him.
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3D Virtual Visit
Ma2f stone funnel
Natural History Museum in Perpignan

With the prospect of the opening of Grand Rigaud, the plastic ambition of the city of Perpignan is developing following two lines : exhibitions with a local or patrimonial background, like “Job and the artists” and exhibitions devoted to today’s creation with artists whose mission is to spread around the city, like the multi-sites exhibition from MARC-ANDRE 2 FIGUERES based upon the funnel theme. A fun wandering that includes a visit to the museums such as the NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM with the building of a stone funnel, or Casa Pairal with graphical neons that seem to be passing through the space between place de Verdun to place de la Victoire, but also with a gallery of improbable portraits “with funnel” in Rigaud Museum, and last but not least with impressive large format works in Espace Maillol. Enigmatic and trivial at the same time, MARC-ANDRE 2 FIGUERES’s FUNNELS question and call the mind of the viewer, examine his / her identity. They trouble and shake up. Isn’t it exactly what Art is supposed to do and the exact definition of evolution ?


Entonnoir sculpture


Entonnoir sculpture


Entonnoir sculpture


Entonnoir sculpture


Construction in-situ.Technique pierre sèche par empilement (schiste de Collioure), anse métal. 2,50 m x 2,50 m


Entonnoir sculpture



On the site of Fort Dugommier, MARC-ANDRÉ 2 FIGUERES has recovered the ancestral gesture of the wine workers from the Catalan coast : finding in this soil where the fort was built the correct dry flat stones that are usable for the building of the walls protecting the vineyards.

The stone funnel was erected according to the same techniques, proving the artist’s attachment to his roots. Almost like a child building a sand castle on the seashore, MA2F set his in situ work on a millenarian place. Like the walls surrounding the vineyards, the funnel lets the rain go through it but filters the soil that feeds this fertile water. The accumulation of rocks is not done randomly : the choice of each stone warrants the equilibrium of the whole construction.

The huge pile of stones is apparently solid but could reveal itself as ephemeral. It might be destroyed, as the architectural piece it completes, under natural circumstances or under the artist’s will.

The stone funnel is set in a natural relief and guides the vision of the Fort’s ruins. It creates a link between the millenarian vineyards’ walls and the classical type of architecture, that was traditionally built in this area between hills and sea. The funnel welcomes the visitors as a peaceful sentinel, a contemporary milestone with ancient looks, a compulsory passage for the eyes towards an ageless site, which once used to watch over the hills itself.

Like a primitive totem, it addresses its pagan prayer to the sky.



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