Urban funnels

urban funnel, the preparation

Croquis pour projet de fontaine entonnoir monumentale, cadran solaire


3D view of the urban funnel-fountain

Simulation 3D de la fontaine entonnoir, cadran solaire



This project of funnel-fountain, which could be integrated in the new station district of Perpignan, is designed as a catalytic instrument of social life. The fountain, inscribed in a 3 meters cube, will be cast in bronze, a non-oxidizing material with golden tones.
The funnel shape of the fountain symbolizes the achievement of the twenty-year research lead by MA2F on this theme. Once more, masculine and feminine aspects are un-dissociated within the idea of androgyny, a theme that has been several times renewed in the artist”s creations.
The project of funnel-fountain will let the water flow over slowly but regularly and its transparency will be illuminated by different lights, whether sunshine or electric devices, and the colors of the architectural buildings surrounding the fountain will be reflected. Daily, at the zenith point (true time), a water gush will mark the Univeral Time.
The quiet water flow will be contrasting with the speed of the traffic on the roundabout, but also with the speed of the high speed train (TGV) passing nearby ; the water flow will be close to the universal regularity of sun rhythm.

This modern fountain could also be a place for rest or a meeting point, a stop point in an active borough,. The sundial  will play a humanizing role in the city life.

And if you feel like it or for a joke, you may also throw a coin into it….




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