Chair Portrait

Furniture chair portrait


Created in collaboration with Pascal Maingourd for the Gest d’Art 2000 “The Chaise in all its States” du Viaduc des Arts.

Into the backs of 4 metal Portrait Chairs are mounted metal frames designated to hold photographs from MA2F “Portraits with funnels” collection. The seats of the chairs are covered with a grey-metal fabric. The “Portraits with funnel” capture the image of MA2F collectors put into random interaction with a funnel. Each photograph is reworked with acrylic paint, Sun-Paint, phosphorus and pencil. On this seized territory, MA2F affixes its own traces by adding paint, but also by scratching the service of the background. Removing the black matter to reach the blank paper under the photograph is closer to sculpture than photography. The thick metal frame that encircles the photograph reinforces this dimension of sculptural depth. These chairs are intended for the collectors who have been photographed, elaborating on the idea of the imprint: when the collector is no longer sitting in his/her chair, his image still remains, his photographic print…