Concrete furniture


Concrete furniture
For this new collection of outdoor furniture and containers, each model has been mold from nature and associated with the Square, a symbol of unity, with contemporary material such as concrete (a force symbol) and with natural colors / material. This year, Ivy was chosen to express with hollow and embossed the traces left by Time within matter…

For the first time, Concrete is getting out of its intimacy and designed XXL !

MARC-ANDRÉ 2 FIGUERES contributes with his collection “Empreintes” (Prints, 27 pieces) consisting in outdoor furniture : seats, tables, containers.


The main theme of this « Empreintes » collection is ivy and has inspired different pieces of symmetric furniture with filled and void shapes.

Hermaphrodite seat-objects, between Past and Future, let the user sit on Present.
The base is covered with ivy leaves mold from nature, like in the XIXth century, both supports giving a different “point de vue” (point of view) incarnating this imperceptible moment when void and full become one.

The cushions that cover the furniture were made in the workshops of Pascal Maingourd whose craftsman’s “savoir-faire” was used to customize the foams made-to-measure and marked with the Orange Square Logo that reminds the nipple-shaped hose-reel of the containers.