Interactive numeric armchair

Numeric armchair


Created in collaboration with Pascal Maingourd for the Gest d’Art 1999 du Viaduct des Arts.

The work is hand painted by MA2F onto white fabric then upholstered onto the frame of a Louis XVI armchair.

The Interactive Numeric Armchair recalls the concept developed in “Genetic Imprint”, MA2F’s first interactive serigraph. The fabric is painted with squares of colour in red, yellow, green, blue, gold, silver and black, representing the range of visible light. The three primary colours signify the foundations of physical design within the same mould. The green expresses the first stage of a generation (mixture of yellow and blue). Gold, which absorbs all light, is the airlock entrance to the work. It is the soul of the individual. The mirror reflects back onto the viewer of the work his/her own individuality, his/her material being. The viewer is “in” the work. The black, presented in calligraphic form, represents the mind in a game of anagrams.
The other area’s of the chair’s surface were painted with Sun-Paint. This photosensitive medium which fades in and out from invisible to a vibrant blue according to the intensity of the sunlight, displays a numerical range from 0 to 9 when active.