Sound Imprint

Ma2f and the sound imprint

Text by Marc-André 2 FIGUERES


I dream of being a complete artist : painter, plasticien, poet and musicien, always delving deeper in an array artistic fields to feed (nourish) that which for me is clean. Finding lost links, secret symbols, the correspondances between one field and another.
Each time, associating elements that have come before, with those that are new. After the image, the sound.
A sound, like the result of a clash, the vibration of the air which comes to die in the hollow of the ear.
The equally tenacious need to always dive further into the abstract, to describe a universal truth, while still remaining in step with the world in which I live, always more in tune with the present moment.
Sampling : a borrowed sound which, recorded and tranposed in all its ranges by computer, is recomposed into a melody. Using the magic of electronics where all combines starting from elements except mechanics. Concept, idea particular, personal, collective work to that makes it concrete.
The need for an abstract work that lives, that integrates at once, a sound with electronics.
Integrate the sound elements into the sculpture. Mix the modern with the ancient, the mobile with the immobile, what is variable with what is permanent. After the ground, the skin, glass, to perhaps find the means of making the stone speak. Stone, parietal element, fossil par excellence. The legend of Prometheus (add an explanation that will make the link clear) evokes a close connection between the sole and the stone. Il existe des pierres réputées sonores. A mad dream, absurd, an sound interactive print, that resounds like an echo *. The idea of light no longer coming from the exterior, but from within.
The idea of a sound print that resounds unto itself, like the echo of your own memory.
To begin again, always and again, the technique of the solid drop shadow but to fix it in a particular point.
Amalgamate of scattered desires, but always pressing, combined into a singular synthetic work. Après l’empreinte mobile ou immobile des boîtes icônes ou des fenêtres, explorer l’empreinte directe ou indirecte. A delayed impression. To invest new concepts and to go beyond the project, so that logic concept/realisation is uninterrupted. To dream an impression, magnetic, at once sound and visual. An uninterrupted impression.
At the beginning, I had no clear idea, pre-established of what I was going to undertake. I could create only with the human image. My first electronic work thus had a human form.
Common myth where the future is joined with the past in one motionless present. To associate the present in becoming with an original, universal past. Thanks to my neighbor potter, I could carry out a stone totem, with the image of the menhirs préhistoriques. Distinguishing the head, place of the most significant evolutions, seat of the strongest prints, most serious, most sophisticated.
Using the principle of the television.Putting an electronic head in a body of stone.
A televisor screen. One which is proportional to the size of the head, determining the height of the totem. Totem proportional to the screen. To regard the body as the body of the heart, the frame of the television set. On the stone, to engrave the body which receives all the physical prints.
But to print it according to the head. The television set represents the head, place of the impressions most likely to be modified.
To summarize all information in only one being and render it visual by the means of a light signal, symbol of all the signals at the same time.


TV and Sound Imprint



Totem Empreinte sonoreThe signal, basic print, sweeps the screen in the form of a mobile ray when there is projection, of a luminous point, in the contrary case. The light, coming from the interior, is displayed on the screen and is projected on the transparency of the pane. Intervention of sound. Interactive signal. Numerical system of repetition. E. Recording. Repetition. Erasure. Principle of the echo.
A voice speaks. The totem responds with a re-impression of the speaker’s voice.
Each part is presented, therefore, like a square section of a totem pole (40 X 40 cm) with a height of 1,60 meters.) Integrated into one of the faces of the stone Totem pole is the television screen (18 X 25 cm) diffusing a sinusoid line of green color. The screen being connected to a system of numerical repetition sequential, the line oscillates with the ambient noise while, simultaneously, the recorded sounds (5 periods of 12 seconds) are repeated by a high-dissimulated speaker.Double reading. Reading of the noise footprint + reading of the visual print. Double reading.Reading of the noise footprint + reading of the visual print. Work functioning on the principle of the Circular Nomadism. Circular nomadism because the starting point is also that of arrival.
A voice speaks.
Direct print. Territorial Impressions. The totem records the voice. Capture Phantom, electronically. The totem returns the echo of the voice. Indirect print. The loaning of territory. As long as the responder gives again the voice, this one does not die. It did not die but it does not exist already any more. Degree zero.
Totem, physically inert object, which can acquire certain capacities or magic powers. The totem is not a response to a request, a prayer, a question, but a diversion of the question itself. This one, being in charge of an emotional weight, can then take a metaphysical direction. To read the totem like an interactive object.
Not to take it as a simple sculpture but as a modern, electronic totem, carrying all the significances on the symbolic level, the mystic and social direction.
Totem which returns to oneself, just with oneself Function of return on oneself.
Pleasure rare to work the roughness of the stone and the precision of electronics.
Satisfaction to invent an image, neither figurative, abstracted, nor entirely or painted. Image however readable and in charge of information. Image personalized, each time identical, each time different according to the person who speaks to him. Everyone can be addressed to work and obtain an individual answer. Voice. Personalized print. Undulation of the curve.
Where the states of the sole of the person who’s speaking are physically imprinted.
Total encapsulation , à l’instar de Dieu. Dieu universel à qui chacun peut s’adresser, en particulier. Empreinte interactive. Réponse que l’on trouve soi même aux questions que l’on se pose.
Ubiquity. Gift of the totem. Repetition of a sound starting element. Perpetuation. Idea of memory, key to the arch of all civilisation.
Empreinte physique où sont imprégnés les états d’âme de la personne qui parle.






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