Numerical Accumulation : sundial-numbers project

SOLART1 Experience


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Accumulation numérique, le premier croquis

The first draw

The project SUNDIAL-NUMBERS is based on an accumulation of numbers which form a sculpture playing a part in a sundial system that translate time into a specific reading.

The technical set of this sculpture is based on the cumulating of metal numbers, cut, wielded and assembled together so that they would assure to the whole work a sufficient structure.

In the present case, each “number-element” will play the role of a participating to the stability of the whole work; the anchoring in the ground is assured by a concrete sole.

The shadow of these numbers, depending on the time of exposure, is projected on the ground and gives, according to landmarks, the different steps of the sun cycle.

To complete the accumulation of mathematical numbers, other elements figurating numbers are incorporated in the ground.


This work is implemented in front of the Building Industry Apprentice School “CFA BTP66” in Perpignan.

The final work illustrates in its multidimensional aspects, plastically and aesthetically, and through its mobility, the cycle of a solar revolution. Light and shadow play with the work in an interactive, ludic and pedagogical way.

Moreover, the representation of the work is different each day of the year. The work has the advantage to be living, mobile but static at the same time. As there is no mechanical movement inside, it isn’t therefore subject to deteriorations.


Accumulation numérique, réalisation
The realisation…

…and the final result
MA2F accumulation numérique
MA2F accumulation numérique
MA2F accumulation numérique
MA2F accumulation numérique
MA2F accumulation numérique
MA2F accumulation numérique