Stone funnel

Entonnoir pierre sèche à Terra Remota



Nothing is born or perishes, but already existing things are combined … (ANAXAGORE), or who thought to be able to destroy these STONES without imagining that they would immediately recombine ?

Marc-André 2 Figueres, rebuilds this SCULPTURE gregarious around the bisexual figure of the funnel.

He proposes it in a three-dimensionality that does not erase its volume and its depth, it imposes its duality by the difference of its postures, real humanized subject of the visual artist. The funnel lends itself to celebrating the ancestral know-how of the peasants erecting the walls of the vineyards, an homage to the artist’s origins.

Once the adaptation is made, it is an original figure that imposes itself on us and dictates us to restore its unity, as a contemporary vision of the myth of Plato: it is up to us to re-seal the halves and for that, d to find the demarcation elsewhere than in the masculine / feminine sexuation, where the human rises his chromatic scales on the grand piano of the identity and invents unique variations, known only to him.


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Summer solstice on Terra Remota domain


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