Sacred Imprint

(digital passion)

Passion of Christ by Ma2f

Oxidized steel, digital random indicator
Dimensions 1200x1800mm
Church of Vinça, France


Text by Marc-André 2 Figueres

According to an old belief,Christ’s cross rises from the Dead those who touch it because its wood, its true wood, was made out of the Tree of Life grown in heaven. Passion cross, ressurection cross, living symbol, it adds all, reconciles earth and heaven, the two extremes, two unknowns , two lines that never meet

In the heart of absence, the print of what was and still subsists, may be found through the multiple traces left by what is now absent but transcends all other presences. The essential absence of an invisible presence. God. A distinctive absence.

The cross is the third of the four main symbols : centre, circle and square. The cross opens the centre on the outside, may be included in the cercle then divided in four segments, four black steel plates generate a square and connections between number four and square.

In the center is Christ, the crucified, the savior, the Verb, the second person from the Trinity, God alive, the godlike print, the perfect image of what has no beginning nor end, Eternity.

On the bare cross from which Christ fell, drifts the mist of absence, a pending light, passion as an offering and a full-scale figure is drawn by local oxidation, as a print from God. On the flank, a slit suggests bleeding.
Above the head, instead of the four letters from the word INRI, are four numbers. A digital indicator captures the time regularly but randomly, confining it relative time that cannot be controlled, From the outside comes the light that glows around Christ’s head like the crown of thorns, passion required by the Divine, but live comes from the inside. The cross we carry is our priviledge, it will come out again in the arms of Christ, on the Last Day. No symbol is more lively in his absence.

Around the two axis of the cross, time flows in direction of the four cardinal points, but the center, in which there is no time, nor any change of any kind, is a place of transition, of symbolic communication between this world and the next world . This point is an « omphalos », in greek, the breaking point of space and time.


Passion of Christ by Ma2f

X + Y
Metallic frame, funnel,
acrylic, crayon, phosphorus and sun-paint
on paper and canvas