Interactive Numeric Armchair

in collaboration with Pascal Maingourd.
The work painted with the hand by MA2F on white fabric, was assembled on an armchair of time Louis XVI. This armchair takes up the idea developed in “Genetic Print”, the interactive serigraphy of MARC-andré 2 FIGUERES.
MARC-andré 2 FIGUERES painted on the fabric of the squares of color red, yellow, green, blue, gold, money (mirror) and black, which represent the range of the visible lights. The three primary colors mean the bases of physical design on the same mould. The green expresses the first stage of a generation (mixture of yellow and blue). The gold which absorbs all the lights is a hopper of input in work. It is the heart of the individual. The mirror, returns to the reader of work, its own individuality, its materiality. It is in work. The black, presented in calligraphic form, particularizes the spirit in a set of anagrams. Other surfaces receive a photosensitive color which passes from invisible to blue then to invisible according to the solar intensity, letting appear a numerical range from 0 to 9.