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Always looking for unexplored spaces and new relations to reality, MARC-ANDRÉ 2 FIGUERES created “DOTS/DOTS” , a pictorial reflection on individuals and their environment.

“Color is a destitution for painters ! “

Rant ? Self-flagellation ? Provocative announcement ? Certainly not, MA2F tries to make us conscious that our perception of the world and its representations are far beyond reality.

Since his first works on printing, the plastics-oriented artist has questioned full / void, content / containing, masculine / feminine, visible / invisible; Funnels, the theory of Collioure’s bell tower, the empty frames, the Sun-Paint are expressions of this quest, often based on scientific or technological researches; With DOT / DOTS, in a ludic but artistic approach, MA2F, proposes his vision of society and individual behaviour. He obviously doesn’t behave as a sociologist, he expresses his vision as an artist and his own plastics researches . Substance and thinking.

Formally, MA2F has used very thick square frames, backgrounds are white (winking to Malevitch) and the dots form a second square. The dots represent individuals, with their personality symbolized by the color or no-color. In each painting a silver-leaf plated dot can be found, as a mirror-being, reflecting ourselves, an alter ego. Some dots are very colorful to represent loud subjects, some dots only appear in their true colors when they are exposed to sun-rays (sunpaint) and one dot in phosphorus is only active in the dark. Brilliant metaphor. The difference in the material and techniques used is also important. Gloss, Matt or satin-finish are mixed-up and organize space.




Without sun exposure    /     With sun exposure  



“We live in such a small visible world that we think we are in its center, whereas the world is just so wide…”

MA2F tries to prove us what we see is just a tiny part of the world. His paintings have no top and no bottom, they can be observed from each of the four sides. According to daylight, the colors change. It is not one painting but an infinity of paintings, as there is an infinity of individuals and social combinations, but also as there is an infinity of looks and possible interpretations. The very contemporary aesthetics serves the painter’s thinking with geometrical abstraction and a sort of expressionism. Its beauty makes us think about and from new points of view…