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First interactive lithography

Interactive mutation of color – nomadism – network…

The Work

Through this work, Marc-André 2 FIGUERES explores the idea of an interactive territory of circulation where the individual, principal actor in society’s network, will have to adopt a particular behaviour vis-à-vis the major challenges of his environment.
• 12 points of colour, 4 yellows, 3 reds, 2 blue, 2 blacks, and 1 green represent the range of visible light. They represent the static, sedentary, motionless places, the foundation of physical design within a societal structure.
• 5 lines of photosensitive paint evoke the range of invisible light and symbolise the generation of energy and social mobility. By interacting with solar radiation, they represent connection, communication as well as its reversibility, our capacity to connect with ourselves and animate the network from within.

Interactivity of the Work

This work adventures into a new art process using photosensitive paint whose pigments react to the sunlight or UV rays in a progressive, translative and reversible way. Developed by Marc-André 2 FIGUERES, he is the first and only artist to date to apply this new reactive medium to art. Of neutral colour and invisible when applied, Sun-Paint has properties that are comparable to those of a varnish; but under the effects of the sun’s rays, its colours emerge. The colours appear within a few seconds, varying constantly according to the intensity of the ultraviolet rays. As soon as the solar exposure ceases, the colour disappears, giving way to the initial neutral hue. The integration of Sun-Paint into MA2F’s art heralds the arrival contemporary technology as art and advances the ongoing development of the already intense relationship between art and science. It presents multiple physical levels of understanding of same work.