dot/dots/lines/lines [2007-2008-2009]

SUNPAINT Lines lines

SUNPAINT Lines lines

SUNPAINT Lines lines

SUNPAINT Lines lines


MA2F, in his quest of unexplored paths and new relations to reality, tries to grasp in this trilogy a territory of interactive circulation where the individual, as the main actor in a networks society, has to learn a specific behaviour to face the major challenge of his environment.

dot/dots [2007]

This word is a reflection on the social space, and the place and behaviour of individuals. The dots symbolize individuals through colors or no-colors : colorful dots, dots that only appear in the sun light, one dot in phosphorus actived in the dark and one silver-leaf dot, a mirror-being, reflecting ourselves.

dots/lines [2008]

With the apparition of lines, is induced the necessary mutating of the individual to evolve according to his own destiny. The dots represent the static individual, sedentary and immobile. The lines drawn in photosensitive painting symbolize the generation, nomadism, social mobility. They reveal in the sunshine the links and communication and its reversibility refers to our capacity to connect and activate our networks.

lines/lines [2009]

This work focuses on the emergence of a free individual and his duality. This individual has become pure energy, being both immobile and in phase with universal movements. Symbolically, dots have disappeared, lines concentrate on themselves.


This trilogy finds an end in two-ism (2-ism), a way of thinking that places the 2 (man/womab) at the centre of the universe. Only 2 can obtain the intimate / internal freedom to be printed in their territory. This double intimate revolution gives birth to a creative state off-limits, off-frame, and outside of oneself. “Humanity only sees what can be seen. Which means we forget no thing can exist by itself”. 2-ism shows the world the way it is, with masculine and feminine aspects, full and void, visible and non-visible… as a unity.

Nano-immensity of the works
“We live in such a small visible world that we think we are in its center, whereas the world is just so wide…” MA2F tries to show what we see is just a tiny part of the world. His paintings are an infinity of paintings, as there is an infinity of individuals, of social combinations, of possible looks or interpretations.

No-permanence of color.
“Color is a destitution for painters !” Rant ? Self-flagellation ? Provocative announcement ? Certainly not, MA2F tries to make us conscious that our perception of the world and its representations are far beyond reality. The artist uses a new interactive photosensitive painting process, MA2FSPP (ma2f sun-paint process ©). The pigments react to sunshine in a progressive, translative and reversible way

Art and Sciences
MA2F, with his new colors, prefigures the contemporary technologies and materializes the prospective development of an intense relationship between art and science, proposing several physical reading levels of one same work and helping the reflection on new points of view…