Solart 2

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At the conjunction of contemporary art scientific research, Solart2 is a sundial sculpture exceeding physical scales and aesthetic criteria opening a brand new vision of art in public space. The inventor of Solar2, Marc-André 2 Figuères is a Ph. D. artist specialised in art and art of sciences.

Solart2 is the largest artistic sundial in Europe. Solart2 is situated in Rivesaltes, on the way to Perpignan. The project has been impulse by Perpignan Méditerranée Communauté d’agglomération in order to beautify this territorial axis by a monumental piece of art carrying a highly symbolic message of environmental sustainability.


Solart 2, highest european sundial



What is considered here is the ability of light to solve the contemporary challenges that energy, education, communication, agriculture, industry, culture and health represent integrated in a sustainable development strategy.

Organisator: MA2F
Partners: Perpignan Méditerranée Communauté d’agglomération
Location: Giratoire Solart 2/ma2f, Rivesaltes

Solart2 is the European biggest artistic solar clock. Both a monumental scuplture and scientific tool, Solart2 displays solar time, real time, by projecting its shadow upon its reading space. This huge project will be inaugurated for the summer solstice.

1. Solart2, a giant sundial sculpture by MA2F

The first view on Solart2 is an artistic one. Solart2 is a sundial sculpture representative of the MA2F original style and concepts: a monumental sculpture, with “red value” touches, cleverly playing with the light.

Solart2’s arrow is the most important element of the sundial, the one from where the shadow can be read on the ground. The arrow is a double metallic bar turned by Ma2f into a perfect lace of numbers.

Like the energy and the matter circulating in the universe, cut out numbers on the surface of the arrow are used for the covering of the central dome. The absence or the presence of the numbers are only relatives states of being, two different ways to exist : the enlightened “2” on the sky, the shadow “2” and the “2” of metal on the ground are the same sign but showing itself over different appearances.

The “red” used by Ma2f as a chromatic value (and not as a colour) implement the continuous process of fusion of the different part of Solart2 (for instance the “N” pointing at the North) and connect the sundial to its environment.

The solar time (the only “real time”) is read on the peripheral disk of Solart2. This disk also includes a compass. Consequently, Solart2 is a synthesis of the “real time” and the geographical space.

2. Solart2 is a scientific tool for reading the “real time”

Solart is an authentic scientific tool belonging to the category of the horizontal sundials with a polar spire. Four very important dates will appear on the meridienne : winter solstice (december 21), summer solstice (june 21) and the equinoxes (march 20 and september 22).

Solart2, towards a new philosophy of time

Every watcher of Solart2, reading the solar hour, can experiment and realize what the “real time” is.

The lag between the hour of Solart2 and the hour that can be seen all around teaches us that we are living in a virtual time. Watches, computers and global activities works on an historically modified time. On the contrary, the time on Solart2 is a result of the cosmos operation in its purest reality.

Actually, the time of Solart2 depends on the weather, the time of nature. The environment affects the quality of the shadow as the clouds and the night. We solved those natural aleas by using mathematics and technics but Solart2 remind us about their power.

The time of Solart2 is both universal and particular to the one who’s watching it.

This time is universal because it is real and doesn’t depend on the presence of a watcher or not. The solar hour exist even if no watcher is there. On the other side, the time of Solart2 is a particular time, a personal vision that cannot be share with another watcher in the world. That’s why Solart2 gives to the watcher the time of his own look.

This experience conveys a new vision of time for everyone but also for mankind future. Here is the next revelation of time prepared by MA2F.


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