Point 2 view & confidences

"Confidant" armchair

The confidant

The subject chosen by the Gesture of Art 1998 (organized in the VIADUCT OF THE ARTS in PARIS 5, 6, 7, in June, 1998), which proposes in the sun a meeting with the moon, inspired at once the “confidant” double armchair in towards symmetric where each watches itself, but also protects itself, the angle of vision forming a total field of vision.
Hermaphrodite seat-object beginning there where the other one ends, embellishes with images of an infinite cycle.
An empty frame, covered in silver and gold leafing, oscillates within the center armrest of “le confidant, arousing curiosity from the other side. Providing “le point de (deux) vues” or two points of view, each to the other. Gold incarnates the sun; silver incarnates the moon.
The frame is centered in the armrest and is mobile on its pivot, cyclical movements symbolizing dusk and dawn. The frame personifies a precise moment, the unperceivable fringe where the sun and the moon make that 1.Le confidant be carry by 4 foot also in form of framework, 2 in gold, 2 in money, induce the secrets/secrets, that which can absolutely never be say, that which remain in the shade under the base, never light, nor by the sun nor even by the moon. Place prohibited with the glance, as Orphée which cannot look at Eurydice. If one of the actors ventured in this territory, it would be obliged for that to lower its guard of surface, with the risk that one ” intrigant ” does not occur.
The framework becomes an icon Of the other and the mirror of ourselves.

2 small ” trap doors with secret passages” are arranged on both sides of the framework. They allow the communication of small-words or small objects, from one actor to another. Erotic crossing point which can go until the contact.

The tapestry which covers the confidant is deliberately neutral and of cream-coloured white color. It contains the principal secrecy, that of the hour of the appointment!

At what time it will take place?

The sun will respond there while revealing a numerical organization of blue color on one of the faces, removing for a few moments its secrecies with the moon (original pattern called Sun-Paint, reacting in a reversible way to rays UV. © Marc-André 2 FIGUERES).
the moon and the darkness will reveal on the other face, the phosphorescent equation, demonstration évanescente of the night phantasms.

Only 2 numerical emanations not belonging to their own territory will have been able to escape, passing successively from the diurnal state to night, putting in abyme the dawn and the twilight in a play of erotism hermaphrodite.
Small metal, semi-spherical nails gold and money, will induce the revolution ” sun / the moon ” thus outlining the sinusoid of the confidant.

The relation soleil/lune is treated under various aspects. The objective is, for MA2F, to not represent the object-confidant in his pictorial form but in its reality, which depends closely on the point of view of the observer. The framework is not established randomly but according to a quite precise articulation which determines an erotic course.
An erotism which relates not only on the object but also to the step. It is the eye, the glance, the interactivity which induces the erotic feeling.

If Art is a lie which says the truth, then the intrigue and aren’t the confidence Art?

Generally, the artist carries out a work and, then, according to its nature, a framing chooses which will delimit it and focus the glance on what it wishes to highlight. However, here, it is the framework which determines the work of art. The artistic step becomes the gesture to place at a precise place an empty framework and to give to see with this space, a particular vision of a reality a priori immediately appreciable but so melted in a decoration, that it becomes almost invisible about it.

The framework is covered on a face and a side with sheet with gold and silver foil, to symbolize the sun and the moon, inseparable revolution, rise carried out, acquired knowledge inducing the shade and the light. Thus, the framework tends to fix the spirit on the confidant who himself defers it on our own image.
It is a window open between the sun and the moon, but opening in the two directions. It is in extreme cases of the sensual world and the spiritual world: it is the reflection of the second in the first and the means of access of the first to the second.

It himself be a question, for MA2F, to encourage that which take seat, to take conscience of presence of framework, then to himself question on its utility and then, to look at with through and try to include each time the goal required. He becomes thus little by little witness implied more and more in what he sees and from opposite familiar will engage a reflexion on what surrounds, being the actor of his own phantasms.
Isn’t this the defining characteristic of a work of art!

This step is suggested on the level even confidant-tallies, initially, by the four executives which carry it on the ground, of the materiality, rise little by little towards an intellectuality. See the lower parts of reality secret places of the phantasm, placed at the cardinal points, identifying the whole of intriguing.

The framework exploits the multiple, transitory and variable expressions contrary to the portrait which condenses the richness of a subject in timelessness and invariability.

Through the framework, the glance of the creator and the glance of the creature constitute the stake even creation. They are called one the other and do not exist for one and the other than by one and the other. Without these glances and the erotic play, creation loses all its raison d’être.

To play of its glance, it is not to play of this world of appearances; it is to reveal it to discover the truth there.

The work ” point 2 sight & confidences ” was presented in a pictorial environment showing four other single parts on the topic of the armchair as well as a series of painting-armchairs per Marc-Andre 2 FIGUERES.


Réalisation with Pascal Maingourd